Russell's Rabbitry

About Us.

We at Russell's Rabbitry always think there is room for improvement. Our goal is to tighten our lines and improve the breed. Our main focus is on the jersey wooly. Breeding for the perfect compact little body and wide correct head is our vision. We are currently working on buying top quality stock of Wollies to breed and show. As many ARBA judges and Breeders alike say "Breed hard, Cull Harder", can't be true enough. Everyone makes culls, the point is to do it well, and were always learning how.

In the Hollands, personally, we have started off well. We have bought quality stock slowly over time from many GC, reputable breeders. Including Jordan and DeSenze lines. We hope to have our first holland litter in August of 2010. 


In our barn, each rabbit is feed separately. Each rabbit has a feed schedule, stating how much feed it gets at the current time. For our jersey woolys and Holland Lops, they each get 1/3 cup of feed. We mix in black oil sunflower seeds and steamed rolled oats. For our New Zealands, they get 1 1/2 cups of feed. Mother who are raising a litter are free feed as well as juniors up to 4 months. We also feed our rabbits high quality 3rd cutting orchard grass on Mondays and thursdays. 


For our rabbitry management, we use Evans Software. Its a great rabbit pedigree program with many other great options.