Russell's Rabbitry

Sales Policy 

*Buyers are encouraged to look over the rabbit(s) thoroughly at the time of pickup to make sure they are as stated by seller as showable, brood,  or non-showable pet quality, showing no signs of sickness, or apparent injury. We take all measures to make sure they are as stated. We are not responsible  for rabbits once they leave our place due to circumstances beyond our control. Such as heat stroke, animal attack, etc.

*If at anytime you can no longer care for the rabbit, or you no longer need it for your rabbitry, we ask that you contact us first. We don’t want to find any of our rabbits at a pet store or an animal shelter!

*We do not sell our rabbits to pet stores, or to anyone we know that will be breeding to sell to pet stores. 

*This sales policy only applies to rabbits bought directly from us.

*NO rabbit will leave our rabbitry younger than 8 weeks of age, NO exceptions.

*All our rabbits have a health guarantee. We guarantee the rabbit will be in good health and free of visible disease or injury at the time the buyer assumes ownership. Once the rabbit leaves our hands this contract ends due to circumstances beyond our control.

*In the event of a major medical emergency contact your vet and then us ASAP.) Again under NO circumstance will we be responsible for any medical cost. 

IF you have any questions about rabbits you have purchased from Russell's Rabbitry, do not hesitate to contact us.Thank You