Russell's Rabbitry
Its been awhile since I have done a new post. I've been really busy with upcoming fair (8/24-8/29) and work. Our baby count this year has been 7 for JW and 0 for HL :[. Having a hard time getting Lady G. prego.LOL Now shes blowing her coat and well things are just a mess with the hollands right now. Ive been debating weather to get out of them while I still can, or stick it out and breed again. Cage space is a little limited right now with juniors and the mini lops. 

Our fair is right around the corner. Thus far I have 14 rabbits going up. With only 7 being my personal show rabbits. Im hoping to come home with 7 less. All my mini lops are going to be for sale as well as Moonbi's Antebellum and Old'n Times Heartbreaker. This should free up some cage space. 

I've also have been able to confirm which shows I will be going to. I have washington Co., Geauga Co. and two state conventions (PA and OH in 2011) which means I have to start breeding for both. By mid september I'm hoping to have all 7 does bred. Whaoo. Im going to need some more cages. My new rabbit barn is out in a pile of wood in the back yard. We hope to be able to start on it after fair. Well see how things play. :]

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