Russell's Rabbitry


If you would like a Website banner for your Rabbitry Website. Send me an email and some information about your rabbitry. Please Include the Following
*Rabbitry Name
*ARBA Rabbitry number if you would like it in the banner. 
*Logo (if you want it in the banner)
*pictures if wanted in banner
*any other information you would find suitable 

*Basic Banner (like mine)
Banner with logo, slogan, and 1 Picture of Rabbit (if wanted) - $10.00

***Better Banner 
Banner with Logo, slogan, and 2-3 pictures of rabbits (if wanted), Unlimited text. - $15.00

I can also do other graphics that can be found through out your website. 
Includes 1 Picture and up to two lines of Text. - $5.00
Other examples include a welcome graphic, Take me Home, Thanks for stopping by, ect. 


Are you looking to set up a free website with your rabbitry. Using Weebly I can set you up and get you rolling. This includes the following
- Registraing for a website.
- Website banner
- 2 breeds set up for your website Breed Bucks, Breed Does, Breed Juniors (+5.00 each additional breed)
- 1 welcome graphic 
-Our Rabbitry page set up
-For Sale page Set up
-In the Nest Box page set up
- Expecting Litters page set up

All this for $45.00  (if you sign up for a weebly site, they charge $449.00)


Rabbit Pedigree Template

                                                                                                          If you would like to give your rabbitry a little more professional look, consider using printable pedigrees. This is an example of what Yours Would Look Like. 

The Free Template just says Rabbit Pedigree. (does not include Your Rabbitry Name, address, signature spot, phone number. 

For the Pedigree with your rabbitry name, address, phone number and Signature spot There is a charge of $3.00

Email me the following information if you would like a person printable pedigree. 
*Your Name
*your Complete address
*Your Rabbitry Name

Instructions for use:
This pedigree is saved as a template.
To create a new pedigree just open this one and fill in the information. 
You can print it and Save it as what you would like. But when you save the pedigree, a new one is made with what information you inserted in. For a New black pedigree, just open the template again. 

File Size: 17 kb
File Type: dotx
Download File